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Providing Customized, Exclusive SEO Services for Expert Lawyers.

Get Top Organic Rankings excels in one thing: organic rankings. We work non-stop to build your firm’s most important organic rankings on Google .

Increase Website Traffic

Increase the number of visitors to your website from all areas of your sales funnel, from those looking for a consultation to those simply seeking quality information.

The Clients You Want Find You

Position your firm’s unique expertise so that you get the clients you want. Only your firm knows how to do this, but can help.

Increasing Law Firm Leads by 235%

Through consistent backlink building, targeted content, and user experience improvements over the course of a full year, June 2020 – June 2021, increased organic search leads by 234.66% compared to the previous period, June 2019 – June 2020.

I’ve seen the results they’re delivering and they are punching WAY above their weight in terms of the legal / lawyer focused keywords they’ve been able to rank their clients for!

Nick Eubanks

Ranking “Practice Area” Pages – The Definitive Guide

Through consistent backlink building, targeted ms. You want to rank for high value keywords or “SERPs” such as “Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Brain Injury Lawyer”. But the task seems impossible. How do you pull it off? 

“Justin Russell took my law firm’s online presence from the 6th page of Google to the first page in less than 3 months.

He is extremely competent, and lets his results do the talking for him. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Sam Bishop, Idaho Legal Justice

Ranking Eight Terms on the Front Page in 32 Days

Of course, you can’t reach the front page of Google for every search term in such a short window, but with the right SEO manager, you will for some important terms.

“Justin and his team are amazing! Very professional, attentive, and get the job done. Definitely recommend!”

Vanessa Cereceda, 388 Ceda


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