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171% Increase in Quality Leads, 10:1 Return on Investment

Key Points

  • 171% increase in quality leads from Organic Search over six months
  • 38 vs. 14 quality call leads, each valued at $5,000
  • 169% increase in form leads, 524 vs. 195
  • 229.87% increase in New Users
  • The cases resulted in a 10:1 return on investment

The Challenge

Our attorney is a Lemon Law Lawyer based in Florida. His site was built by and his SEO was maintained by a number of incompetent SEO agencies. Ranked.Legal got a hold of him and was ready to turn the tide.

In Florida, only a certain type of car qualifies under lemon law. These are the “qualified leads” we were tasked with driving his way.

Where We Started

The attorney’s previous agency created a deeply flawed site for the firm. The branding surrounding the site made it appear as though the client was a car dealership. When in fact, car dealerships are this attorney’s primary adversary. On top of that, the site was riddled with technical issues which included no SSL certificate and no properly integrated redirects for dead pages.

The Strategy

First, Ranked.Legal needed to create a new site with new branding, build out a local SEO presence, and create an effective content strategy.

The Tactics

A New Website

It was time for a new website with branding fitting a Lemon Law firm. We brought in our team of web designers who specialize in fast, simple, websites built to perform for SEO. Our team created a development site over the course of just two months which was ready to go by February 1st, 2022. 

Although this is not the case for every client, for this attorney, it was a necessity.

Optimized Local Pages 

While our client only had one physical office in Florida, we created “Local Pages” in order to rank in every major metro in Florida. Due to the thoughtful content creation and consistent backlink building on these pages, it did not take long for our client to have the #1 organic rank in every Florida metro for “city lemon law attorney”.

Consistent, localized, link building

Link building is a necessity for every client in the legal niche. It’s difficult to simply create better content than your competitors and not build links each month. Attorney content is all too similar, at least in the eyes of Google. 

If you are a local law practice and focusing on one specific metro or state, building links on sites associated with that place is also key. Examples of these include: a local Chambers of Commerce, local advertising publications, and


Google finds beauty in simplicity. The quicker you can present a good answer to your searcher’s question, the better. Gone are the days of big flashy header images and embedded videos. These days Google is craving speed. We make sure each page on our websites passes core web vitals and achieves a 90+/100 speed score.

This will only become more important as Google evolves.


Ranked.Legal created a content strategy which aligned with target Lemon Law cases in Florida. This is an important tactic to include because the content featured on this website’s blog aligned with the attorney’s Ideal Client Profile (ICP).

Each piece on the site is aligned with an ideal lemon law case. This is where the differentiation between general leads and quality leads comes into play.

The Results

These changes led to a 229.87% increase in New Users from organic between the six months before this strategy was implemented and the six months after. 

new users

These new users led to a 169% increase in lead form submissions (525 vs. 195) and 260 phone calls from organic search calls, an improvement from 137 in the previous six months. 

Most importantly, 38 of them were qualified leads, each valued at $5,000.




This led to a 10:1 return on investment for our Florida Lemon Law client.