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Law Firm Website SEO Audit

When making any marketing investment it’s important to consider SEO. 

But is SEO the right investment for your law firm? To know for sure, start with an SEO audit and roadmap and see if there’s a path forward. 

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Why are SEO Audits and Roadmaps important?

SEO Audits and roadmaps can illustrate why or why not your site is ranking on Google for keywords which will get your law firm more cases your attorneys want. There may be some elements holding your website back from ranking on Google and audits will help identify these factors and provide actionable solutions for these problems. 

If your site is ranking on Google but not in the top 10, SEO Roadmaps can demonstrate strategies that can lift those rankings. SEO Roadmaps can also shine a light on the tactics your competition is utilizing. By combining insights from your competitor’s strategies, proven tactics from our SEO team, and using your firm’s brand to differentiate itself, your law practice can create a solid SEO strategy that will bring in more visitors, and ultimately bring in more cases.

What does an SEO Audit look at?

Most SEO audits do not actually give you any valuable information. Ranked.Legal’s audits are different because we compare your firm’s site to your competition and explain why they are ranking ahead of you. 

Some of the most common shortcomings we see on law firm sites are the following: 

Audit details

What does an SEO Roadmap look like?

An SEO roadmap details SEO tactics which will help improve your rankings and bring in more traffic from Google. This is what a good SEO roadmap would include:

roadmap seo

Why Aren’t You Ranking?

Bad SEO metadata – Your metadata is accessible via WordPress plugins. These are easily fungible and give Google a lot of information on what your site is and what you are trying to sell. Amazingly, not many law firms keep this data updated. 

Thin content – When writing for your law firm, it’s imperative that you display your expertise through correct, long form content. With trillions of pages on the internet, Google will simply not give your short pages the time of day. Which is why writing thin uninformative content will always hold your site back. 

Not indexed on Google – It’s possible that you may have forgotten to index your website through Google search console. We can run your website through Search Console for you and set you up with an account so you can monitor your results. 

Duplicate content – If you are working with a cut rate SEO agency, there’s a good chance they are stealing content from other websites and not editing it. If Google picks this up, they will punish your site by not ranking it. 

Not enough backlinks – Google differentiates itself from other search engines by understanding the importance of backlinks. These are links on other sites pointing to your site. These links act as that website’s endorsement of your authority. If you are a brand new site, you may not have built any backlinks yet. It’s important to build these in order to demonstrate authority.

Does SEO Work?

This depends on finding the right SEO agency. The agency needs to know the firm’s core competency, and what cases they are pursuing. After that, they should be competent in building a strategy around bringing in those cases.

The SEO agency you select also needs to be creative when it comes to their strategies and to keep testing new ways your firm can compete.

Why Ranked.Legal?

Our results speak for themselves and our documented in our SEO case studies. Ranked.Legal’s long term clients have seen huge returns on investment and we continue to be ahead of the curve and innovative when it comes to SEO.

Regardless of the stage your law firm is in, Ranked.Legal transforms websites from brochure sites into long term, educational, audience building platforms. We only work with other lawyers to write our content and understand the sensitivity that accompanies Legal marketing.

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